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REMOTE CONTROL BARK STOP REMOTE CONTROL BARK STOP In quick response, the pet paging lets your dog be always with you. Features: Ideal for call or training pets, .? Uses vibration instead of static stimulation 2 levels of vibrations and whistle, ? 300 yard range Receiver uses 2pcs AAA 1.5-volt battery; ? Transmitter uses 2pcs AAA 1.5-volt battery 1pcs 23A 12 volt battety Transmitter Specs: Receiver Collar Specs: Height: 4.5" / Width: 2" / Depth: 0.75" ? Height: 1.25" / Width: 2.50" / Depth: 1.25" Weight: 4 oz. ? Weight: 4 oz. Frequency: 433.825 MHz ? Collar: W 3/4" 16" Red light on face ? Red Light on side screw off battery cover and belt clip on back ? Waterproof Buttons include vibrations and whistle Water Resistant I. Before using 1. Make sure that batteries have been fitted in the remote controller and the receiver. 2. Remote controller checking: Turn on the power switch on the side and press the buttons on the remote controller one by one. The indicator light will light in normal condition. If the indicator light doesn light or light dimly, change the batteries. 3. Receiver checking: A vibration induction switch is fitted in the received. When the receiver is shaken, the indicator light will light automatically, meaning the receiver is in a standby state. If the indicator light of the receiver doesn light when shaking, you may need to change the batteries in the receiver. Power will automatically cut off if the receiver vibration stops for 5 minutes, as to save energy. 4. Connect the collar with the receiver; adjust the length of the collar to let it fit the neck of the pet. The proper tightness should be that you can put a finger in. 5. Respectively press the high frequency/low frequency vibration buttons on the remote controller. 6. Respectively press the loud/low voice buttons of the remote controller. The receiver will make loud/low whistles. You can train the pet to take your orders by different tempos. Every order must have a fixed tempo. A long time of training will bring wonderful effects. For example, hree whistles?means oming back? 7. High frequency vibration of the collar will stop the improper deeds of the pet. After each effective check, the master must tell the pet what it should or should not do. After many times of training, the pet will understand what the master like or dislike it does. 8. Get some sock on hand as reward for the dog. This will make your training more effective. II. Method of application: 1. Switch the power switch of the remote controller to the N?position. Be reminded to turn it to FF?when you don use it, for fear of false action. 2. Open the inserting buckle of the collar and attach it to the neck of the pet. Adjust the tightness that is proper that you can put a finger in. 3. Pets will most likely fell uncomfortable when the collar is first put on them. At this time, you should not hurry to use the vibration function. Don use this function until you are sure the pet is accustomed to the collar. High frequency vibration is used to curb the improper deeds of pets. Don use this function casually or for fun. 4. You may use the eak vibration?to page your dog silently and in long distance. You may also convey your order with histles? 5. When you don use the product, please take down the collar and the receiver and put them in a place without vibration, so as to prolong the lifetime of the batteries. 6. If you don use the collar receiver for a long time, please take out the batteries. III. Battery changing: 1. Receiver: Lift the buckles at both sides of the bottom cover, take off the bottom cover and take out the two batteries (AAA) for replacement. Pay attention to their anode and cathode when you fit the new ones in. Times New RomanClose the bottom cover. 2. Remote controller: There is a battery cover at the lower part of the back of the remote controller. Open it in the direction shown by the arrow. Take out the batteries (AAA) for replacement and then close the battery cover again. 3. AAA batteries are daily used ones, which can be found in malls and supermarkets. Please note the model when you buy them. 4. The lifetime of the batteries depends on how you use of them. Since the remote controller needs power only when its buttons are pressed and signal is sent, generally, the lifetime of the batteries can be more than one year. As for the receiver, when it takes outer vibration, its power will be connected and it will be in a standby state. It just consumes little amount of energy. Of course a frequent use will consume more power. You need to check the batteries often by watch the indicator light. In order to prolong the lifetime of the batteries, when you don use the receiver, please turn off and take down the receiver and put it in a place without vibration. You may also take out the batteries. IV. Cautions: 1. When the collar is first put on, some pets will fell uneasy. Please give time for the pets to be accustomed to the collar. Don use the vibration function until you are sure the pet has been accustomed to the collar. 2. There is a vibration induction automatic switch inside the receiver. When the pet is in move, the power of the receiver is connected automatically. When you don use collar, please put it in a place without vibration, or take out the batteries if needed, so as to prolong the lifetime of the batteries. 3. Digital audio transmission technology is adopted in the remote controller. The remote controlling signal can penetrate through obstacles. You don need to aim the remote controller to the receiver. However, obstacles will shorten the effective distance of remote controlling. 4. The effective distance of remote controlling refers to the linear distance without obstacles. If there are interferential signals in the space or barriers in between, the actual remote controlling distance can be different. 5. Whistles and low frequency vibration of the receiver can be used for pet training. Please use fixed tempos to train your pet. Only by doing so can it understand what you what it to do. Wonderful effect can be achieved when this training lasts. 6. High frequency vibration of the receiver is used to curb the improper deeds of pets. Please don use the high frequency vibration function too long each time (less than 30 seconds), for fear of damage of the receiver from overheating and for fear of consuming too much battery power. Warning: Don use the high frequency vibration function to make fun of the pet. 7. Up to now, this product is the most humane pet training tool. If it is used in proper methods, it can effectively train pets and bring no harms. 8. Although the receiver is designed with watertight sealing, please don immerse the receiver in water for a long time. The remote controller should avoid water.


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